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Diversity Workshops & Training Sessions (sample workshops here)

Personal Story Construction and Documentation Through Poetry & Narrative

Educational Curriculum Design

Legacy Building Through Research and Mentoring

Poetry Writing Workshops


Workshop with Organization

3-5 hour workshop 

In this workshop format, a personalized workshop is cultivated for your organization in alignment with your organization goals and/or program standards.  Workshops generally focus on developing a deeper understanding of self in relationship to community. We work collaboratively on norms development in order to support our growing strength as a nurturing and brave community.  Texts (that emphasize writers and scholars from historically marginalized groups), intensive discussion, and discipline aligned activities are included.  

Workshop with Organization or Individual Online

Workshops online:  Check out our Teachable Site.

  • 1 CEU Workshops $50 + $15 CEU fee
  • 2 CEU Workshops $100 + $15 CEU fee
  • 3 CEU Workshops $150 + $15 CEU fee

Keynote Address

Educational Curriculum Design


Writing Sample Consults (dissertations and theses)

(20 pages)

This includes reading time and synchronous consultation on the piece(s) or video recording while going through the selection asynchronously if prefered.  Synchronous consultations can be recorded for late review. Feedback can be copyediting, critical questions, ordering and be in the form of written commentary and/or discussion, as benefits you most.  Feedback is guided by an initial question from you.

Whole Dissertation or Thesis Basic Review

Formatting (with a focus on the appropriate alignment with the appropriate professional style in references and citations) and grammar review.

Whole Dissertation or Thesis Extensive Review

Includes comments on each section, guiding questions, formatting, and grammar.  Paid in installments:  deposit, midpoint submission of feedback, after final conversation. Two synchronous online consults are included to go through notes provided, midpoint in hours and one at the end of the reading.


Manuscript Consultation (generally 60 pages or more for poetry; 150 or more for prose or multigenre work)

Included is basic copy-editing, inclusion of critical questions, manuscript ordering suggestions (for poetry or short fiction), and in-depth discussion of the text.  Emphasis determined through the contract. Two synchronous online consults are included to go through notes provided, one at the half-way point in hours and one at the end of the reading.    At the end of the consult, you receive a written critique to include core themes, questions that the book considers, suggested references or additional resources, suggested presses/journals for the writer to consider submitting the work for review, and questions that remain unanswered or questions you might consider within your work.   

Individual Writing Workshop

4-weeks of online prompts, close reading, and online discussion of the produced work  

In this workshop format, you will share with me a 10-page sample of your work and your writing goals (experimentation in form, revision, aesthetic explorations). I will develop a study program of readings based on your interests, emphasizing writers from marginalized groups.  Each week, I will share a resource packet and 2 generative writing prompts. We will meet online to workshop what you write once per week.  

Workshop(s) with K-12 School

In this workshop format, a personalized workshop is cultivated for your school in accordance with Common Core State Standards (if needed).  Workshops can emphasize generative writing, reading and analysis, poetic form, radical publishing, the power of performance, writing as political work, or another area as determined.  All workshops include a classroom norms setting process to support the development of a brave space where we can be vulnerable with and for one another. Readings (that emphasize writers from historically marginalized groups) and generative writing prompts are included.  

Interview/Guest Speaker with K-12 School

Half hour to one hour speaking engagement with the sharing of poems, answering of questions about my work, or talking with students about their work.  

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